The Center Of Wichita

The Center LogoThe Center of Wichita is a place to call home for Wichita’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Allied (LGBTQA) community and a safe space for youth.

SONY DSCLocated in downtown Wichita right at the northeast corner of Market and Murdock, we currently share the building with the offices of Equality Kansas, as well as Christensen Financial, curate an LGBTQA Library, and host meetings for Wichita Pride Inc. and the Wichita LGBT Health Coalition (

The Center of Wichita’s current focus is securing resources andOur Wall of Literature educational opportunities for Wichita’s LGBTQA youth.  We have a central meeting place for people and organizations interested in LGBTQA awareness, we are currently building an LGBTQA library, and we have literature and contact information for other LGBTQA organizations throughout the city and state. We hope to continually expand to make available many more resources for all of our community.


Get Connected at The Center LogoGet Connected For teens aged 13 to 18, Get Connected is a safe place and is chaperoned by parents and Center staff. Snacks and food are provided. Please click on the “Get Connected!” tab for more information.

Wichita's Home & Meeting Center for the LGBT Community