So, That Happened. Advice for a Post-Election Thanksgiving


For this entry I decided to take submissions from members of the community for advice and tips before going to Thanksgiving celebrations after this particularly divisive election. Most of this is humor, which I have always found to be the best coping mechanism. However, there is some solid advice mixed in! Enjoy your holiday, and please at any time feel free to reach out to us for advice, help, support or anything on Facebook, here on our contact form or even Twitter!

1:  Don’t go. If you don’t have the excuse of living far enough away to use a lack of funds as a reason you can’t travel, claim you have to work! Say you’re sick. *Anything* to get out of the debate and argument you flat out know is coming.  Especially in a big family!

2: Make your clothing a statement. Object in style! (Or not.) Go (unwillingly?) to church in pajamas, pick a rebel to emulate every day with your make up skills, or dress in awful colors for all the family pictures.

3. Headphones.

4: Bring your phone. Live tweet/post *The Entire Thing.* Your tribe out here awaits the humor for their own sanity.  The commiseration will soothe your temper, but  only slightly.

5: Refresh all of your talking points. Be prepared for battle. Every thing your objectionable family posted over the course of the election cycle? Remember them and be prepared to specifically pick them apart with logic and reason. No one really knows how to handle dispassionate take downs with rational truth and facts. You konw what’s really satisfying? When it really makes them look like an overbearing bully when they lose their temper.

6: Kill ’em with kindness. Be so painfully polite the entire meal that your face aches from the false smile and you look like a moron. Spend the whole time looking vacant, assure everyone who looks inquisitive; “Oh, yes. I’m just peachy.” The secret here is to have ear plugs in.  Be honest, you know they voted for Trump and if you hear or see one more gloat there’s no telling what will happen.

7: Spend your time at the kids’ table, and have a blast. What’s a better cure for what’s ailing you than goofing off with the nieces, nephews, sons/daughters and all of the various kiddos in the family gathering? Don’t forget that our children are looking for some reassurance in a Trump-as-President nation. Especially with all of the adults in their life mourning, being shaken or fighting over these results.

8: Being around family you haven’t seen in a while is already emotionally draining enough.  Now you have to consciously stop yourself from talking about your son’s adorable new dress just so Uncle Carl doesn’t insert a long-winded section about ‘raising kids with good values’ into the blessing. Remember to breathe.

9: Create your very own Thanksgiving! This is a choice most (including our group of friends) folks who just cannot face their family are doing. Having  friends, the family you have chosen and have chosen you, come over for an amiable meal full of (hopefully) delicious food. The ideal behind the food is the soothing balm of surrounding yourself and your family with this day of  love and support.

Studio shot of turkey leg with potatoes
Studio shot of turkey leg with potatoes