Kids Connect

The Center of Wichita is proud to provide Kids Connect, a Wichita-based support group for the families and youth who fall anywhere on the LGBT and Gender Creative spectrum.  Kids Connect is dedicated to advocating for parents as they support their LGBT children from pre-school age to graduation. We provide aid in finding information, are able to supply resources, and are a supportive and understanding environment of fellow parents.

Our meetings offer a gathering place to discuss needs and foster acceptance for each child’s unique gender expression and identity through mutual support. Play and meeting space is provided for children during the meetings. In addition, those seeking assistance outside of face-to-face contact can benefit from connecting with others through the Kids Connect Facebook Page, the Center’s main page, Kids Connect on Twitter and the Kids Connect contact form here.

Meetings are currently held once a month at 6:00pm. They are usually held at The Center of Wichita, with occasional outings. They are also listed on the event calendar on the left of the webpage as well as regular announcements on Facebook. If you have any questions please fill out and submit the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Wichita's Home & Meeting Center for the LGBT Community