Kids Connect Beginnings

Alright! Blogging! Here is where you will find updates about events, anecdotes from meetings and get-togethers and anything else that happens to fit the bill of “things that should go here.”

Our first official meeting was on the 9th of March and next is this coming Wednesday, the 23rd of March. We had a fun time & the kids had a blast meeting each other and making new friends. The beginning of a new community, that we are hoping to grow every meeting to build a bigger web out of these insulated “bubbles” of small support that we’re discovering.

We adults spoke about what sort of issues we fear arising for our kids, who we’d like to include in our support group (family and family allies,) creating the text for a flyer to have information to distribute at events, future fundraising ideas, working with the Get Connected kids [the teen group at The Center,] and creating our social media/internet presence to reach a larger community.

In our very first bimonthly meeting we had an interesting interaction between two of the children. We’ve got one non-conforming child who really confused some of the siblings there.  One child’s confusion over how to treat this kiddo led to some misgendering and they did not understand that it was hurtful behavior. It became a learning and teaching opportunity for the kids  and parents alike. Because even though we have acceptance and support within our families for our situations, the kids are still not 100% prepared for stepping outside of that. We had a chance to teach these kids that yes, they are all wonderful supporters of their siblings but not all of us fit the same mold and we have to accept and respect everyone.