GC In The Field – 8 Apr 16

The continuing story of a room ruled by teens and the adults who observe them.

Week: 223

Decibel: initially and throughout presentation 60, during social swiftly rose to 75
Quantities Consumed: Fair to middling

Self-guided sandwich bar is still well received.

Presentation on HIV and sexually transmitted diseases was very visually engaging, the tribe was highly attentive for a surprising amount of time.
(suspicious on connection to “YouTube Generation” multimedia obsession: further research warranted)

Subsequent social time was dominated with discussions of high school debate resolutions, twitter rap battles, and something the natives call “slap chap” or “snap cat”. Nuances of the “slap cat” communication method, which is quite commonly utilized by the tribe, are difficult to decode with accuracy as the messages are ephemeral.

Tribal integration continues apace, new arrivals are now nearly indistinguishable in most situations, with occasional groupings by region of origin after extended conversation. Reinforcement of these selective moieties are now actively discouraged by the majority of the attendees.