GC In The Field – 6 May 16

The continuing story of a room ruled by teens and the adults who observe them.

Week: 227

Decibel: ~60 building to 75
Quantities Consumed: Due to under-anticipation from weeks past significant amounts of food were present including both a non-meat ‘goo-lash’ and cooked meat, tomato stew, and boiled wheat collectively called ‘spa-get-ee’

Stories were told by some tribal Elders as well as initiates regarding their enjoyment of a recent day-time outing at a local nature preserve as well as their desire to repeat the outing throughout the growth season

One of the governors of the collective spoke regarding their life, telling the story of their transition from childhood to adulthood and the continuity of experience

The tribe was predominantly quiet but with momentary bursts of unrelated conversation likely an attempt at diffusing tension

Subsequent to the story the tribe was uncharacteristically energetic