GC In The Field – 18 Mar 16

The continuing story of a room ruled by teens and the adults who observe them.

Week: 220

Decibel: unstable but approx. 65
Quantities Consumed: Honey and Spicy Chicken Nuggets – 100


New members arrived, the tribe was friendly and inviting. Little ritual seemed to be required for incorporation.

The beanie hat population has remained relatively stable.

Suggestion of requiring pterodactyl calls for membership was roundly rejected. The cause for the suggestion was difficult to discern.

Atari logos are apparently now ‘retro’ and my familiarity with pre-wifi internet connection computers is considered quite funny.

The teens now have their own group chat and have thus formed new Facebook connections with each other. Group cohesion has been reinforced.

“Stay Connect” is forming organically as the older teens begin to establish their own group identity, it should prove to be an interesting study in transitional states.

The suggestion of using a spray bottle for infractions was ultimately rejected.