GC In The Field – 1 Apr 16

The continuing story of a room ruled by teens and the adults who observe them.

Week: 222

Decibel: approx. 60
Quantities Consumed: Variable

Self-guided sandwich bar was successful, fresh fruit more so.

Preperations under way for National Day of Silence Event on the 14th as well as brief discussion of Prom.

Discussion of overall behavioral expectations continues.

Tribe more somber this week, possibly due to several of the tribal elders being absent.

Cards Against Humanity provided high levels of entertainment, likely due to shared boundary transgression rituals as discussed by Goffman.

Establishment of individual identities within the tribe becoming a high priority as new members have asserted their presence, suggestion of ‘pronoun placards’ to avoid confusion was extremely well received.

Presentation on the topic of gender identities and romantic considerations left as many questions as answers within the group, dividends may be long in coming.