Center Minutes 8 Apr 15

  • Call to order
    1. Time
      1. 18:15
    2. Attending
      1. Members
        • Cindy, Brent, Nolin, Ivy, Gary, Sally
      2. Guests
        • None
      3. Absent
        1. Tom (election)
  • Approval of the Current Agenda
    1. M: Cindy, s: Sally; Pass
  • Approval of the Previous Minutes
    1. M: Sally, s: Ivy; Pass
  • Public Forum
    1. None
  • Reports
    1. Chair
      1. N/A
    2. Vice Chair
      1. Communication
        • Emails coming in from adults now since our presence is now getting up there
        • More requests for our referral list as well as being added to the list
        • Answering voicemails as they come in and sending them to those necessary, not extremely high traffic but still coming in
      2. Website/Social Media
        • Newsletter
          • N/A
        • Community Calendar
          • On Hold
        • Brochure
          • On Hold
  1. Secretary
    1. N/A
  2. Treasurer
    1. Balance Report
      • Center Operating Balance
        • Had to re-re-file the 501(c)(3) for both orgs as the state still had incorrect information for the rep names -$220
        • Pandora performance broke even
  1. Current Committees
    1. LGBT Health Coalition
      • Didn’t meet this month due to Kim K being sick
      • Dropped the Smoking Cessation Funds
      • Health Fair will be coming up in June which will be the primary preparations from this point forward
    2. Library Committee
      • Sally has been doing a great deal of work in sorting the books as well as setting up a paper catalog and sort until we’re able to finalize the computerized system that Tom wished to implement
      • There has also been some communication from educators known to the board members who are worried about legal requirements to purge reading material from schools of now legally defined “harmful” which could be funneled to us
  • Fundraising & Endowment Committee
  1. Get Connected
    • GSA get together / Movie Nite will be on the 24th, Derby and East High have been contacted particularly
      • “Wallflower” film will be showing
      • Stacy Mann presenter will be appearing 17th
  1. Volunteers
  • Old Business
  • New Business
    1. AIDS Walk is Sunday 19th
  • As arises
  • Announcements
    1. April 16 National Day of Silence
      1. PriceWitter Park
    2. Next meeting
      1. 7 May 15
  • Adjournment
    1. M: Ivy, s: Brent