Center Minutes 7 May 15

  • Call to order
    1. Time
      1. 18:06
    2. Attending
      1. Members
        • Sally, Nolin, Brent, Gary
      2. Guests
        • Three representatives with WiTCoN
      3. Absent
        1. Tom (election)
  • Approval of the Current Agenda
    1. M: Nolin, s: Sally; Pass
  • Approval of the Previous Minutes
    1. M: Nolin, s: Gary; Pass
      1. With the addition of the phrase “for a fundraiser” to Vice-Chair’s reason to contact Buffalo Wild Wings and Granite City
      2. With the addition of the phrase “to aid her coming out process” to reason Sally will be meeting with a lesbian who contacted us
  • Public Forum
    1. Brenda with WiTCoN
      1. She’d been through The Center looking for volunteer work
      2. Directly affiliated with and inspired by the work of Elle Boatman
  • They are approaching The Center for a meeting space, a safe space, and occasional consultation such as Nolin providing financial work/information
  1. This is ultimately being created as a program being offered by The Center and if it is successful possibly moving them to a 501(c)(3)
  2. Overall interest from The Center members was high
    • WiTCoN will need to provide a monthly report
      • M: Sally, s: Gary; Pass
    • Reports
      1. Chair
        1. N/A
      2. Vice Chair
        1. Communication
          • Corrected VM
            • Previously had Bert’s voice and gave the old address
            • Calls are now forwarded to Google Voice exclusively rather than also to Bert’s cell
            • All voicemails are accessible from the Center’s Google email
            • All voicemails caught up to most recent and appropriate parties were either emailed or the caller was contacted
              • oddly some were previously ‘hidden’ somehow and were from several months ago
            • Scanned previous documents
              • Permission slips
              • Dated Attendance sheets
              • More will be scanned to bring them current they will then be emailed in a batch to The Center’s gmail for accessibility
  1. Website/Social Media
    • Online Contact forms
      • All form fills and submissions are now accessible from the Center’s Google email
      • Updated the Board member list to include Gary, Sally, and Angel while maintaining privacy of those who did not wish their details readily available
      • Calendar now mounted to front page left side, scrolls according to upcoming events
      • Regular updates to the following
        • Tumblr for the youth group
        • Facebook for the youth group and The Center
        • Traffic is slight but steady
      • Visits to website are averaging 100 to 140 per day
    • Community Calendar
      • On website
      • Now will be setting up orgs with their own names and passwords to post their own events and info
  1. Secretary
    1. N/A
  2. Treasurer
    1. Balance Report
      • We are being charged $5 fees per account, and we have 2 accounts
        • May be switching institutions
  1. Current Committees
    1. LGBT Health Coalition
      • Health Fair moved from June to accommodate GSAs, so likely sometime after August
      • Smoking Cessation funding has been taken over by KS Academy of Physicians
    2. Library Committee
      • Progress has been made, all the books so far taken in have been sorted
      • Kathy S. will be assisting in the cataloging process
      • 39 books have been purchased to augment sections that were lacking, specifically trans
      • Each category is being color-coded for ease of re-shelving
      • Will be drawing up a chart for process of check-out so anyone in the organization can check them out to the public
  • Fundraising & Endowment Committee
    • Registry website that contacted us to register for their national fundraiser
    • BLgT
      • They will be coming through this area in August
    • From Vice-Chair’s Report
      • Funds/fundraising
        • Two-Spirits officially submitting financials through the Center and therefore paying the servicing fee
        • Grant searched for The Center as well
      • Person to person
  1. Get Connected
    • Had between 20 and 30 for Movie Night
    • Will be losing several due to graduation as well as moving locations
  2. Volunteers
  • Old Business
  • New Business
    1. State Trans-Gender Conference will be in Manhattan KS
      1. September 11 & 12
      2. Likely will need to have a table at that
  • As arises
  • Announcements
    1. Next meeting
      1. 2 June 15
  • Adjournment
    1. 19:30