Center Minutes 7 Jul 15

  • Call to order
    1. Time
      1. 18:03
    2. Attending
      1. Members
        • Tom, Ivy, Nolin, Angel, Sally, Brent, Gary
      2. Guests
    3. Absent
  • Approval of the Current Agenda
    1. M: Tom, s: Gary; Pass
  • Approval of the Previous Minutes
    1. M: Nolin, s: Gary; Pass
  • Public Forum
  • Reports
    1. Chair
      1. N/A
    2. Vice Chair
      1. Communication
        • Wichita Eagle’s article on Trans group WiTCoN gave us FB traffic as well as visibility
      2. Website/Social Media
        • Extremely high traffic on Facebook
        • The article and momentum generated by the trans group relationship to The Center initiated a discussion of sponsored group oversight
          • Motion: Any group operating under The Center is required to submit their sign-up lists to The Center Board. M: Tom, s: Nolin; Pass
          • Motion: Each sponsored group must have a liaison from The Center for administration. M: Sally, s: Tom; Pass
          • Motion: At least one officer on The Center’s Board of Directors must have administrative access to any social media pages related to sponsored groups and organizations. M: Tom, s: Nolin; Pass
        • Newsletter
  1. Community Calendar
    • Nolin has requested direct links be added to The Center’s website so that we can avoid the issue of posts about drink specials and such
    • However, listings of fundraising for the various Wichita organizations are fair game and will be included on our Community Calendar
    • Tom has requested two logins, one for the Equality KS Central Chapter as well as Equality Statewide
  2. Brochure
  1. Secretary
    1. N/A
  2. Treasurer
    1. Balance Report
  3. Current Committees
    1. LGBT Health Coalition
      • Four new people/service reps added to the Coalition
        • Highly productive meeting
      • Health Fair will be 24 Oct ‘15
      • The Center itself will get two booths on the main floor at PrideFest, one for The Center specifically and one for The Health Coalition
        • Coalition will submit to The Center, The Center will pay Pride
        • WASAC has been added to the Coalition list and may be at Pride as well
  1. Library Committee
    • Card Catalog pending
  • Fundraising & Endowment Committee
    • Drag Fundraiser 6 Jul 15
      • Fairly successful
      • ~$450 brought in
    • BLgT fundraiser sitrep is currently unknown
      • Haven’t heard from them at all
  1. Get Connected
    • See Fundraising for Drag Show
    • Upcoming Events
      • 16 Jul 15
        • Botanica
        • 13:00
        • $3 cost / kid
      • 1 Aug 15
        • Art Museum,
        • 14:00
        • Free Day so no additional cost to The Center
      • Several new kids at Youth Group
      • Some question of Young Adult group getting started
        • Possibly Sundays
        • Will need to be revisited
  1. WiTCoN
    • Seem to be doing well with their overall attendance and recent programming
    • Had an article in The Wichita Eagle’s online article list last week
    • Movie Night
      • 2 Jul 15
  1. Volunteers
  • Old Business
    1. Meeting with WPD
      1. 23 Jul 15
      2. 18:30
  • All orgs have been invited, most have confirmed
  • New Business
    1. Women’s Social Group contact
      1. Woman who left VM on system
        • Met with Nolin
        • Already developed a plan
      2. She was recently coming out but older so was looking for social outreach
        • Does not want to have to do it herself
        • She will instead be working with the people Nolin connected her with
  • Planning meeting on 22 Jul 15
  • As arises
    1. An oddly worded invitation from Bryan Sutton to speak at his PFLAG group at College Hill United Methodist will be done by Nolin at the next PFLAG meeting
  • Announcements
    1. Next meeting
      1. 4 Aug 15
      2. 18:00
  • Adjournment