Center Minutes 6 Apr 16

Call to Order – 18:00

Present – Nolin, Cindy, Gary, Tom, Brent

Absent – Ivy excused, Sally excused

Guests – Nick S, Aidan, Tavaris

Approve Current Agenda with youth reps not included as “Board Members”
M:Gary, s:Brent; Pass

Approve Minutes from previous
M: Gary, s: Tom; Pass

Reports –

Chair – NA

Vice –
Facebook 1100 hits/week, 20% engagement
Website: Monthly 550 until March when doubled
Highest pages are Kids Connect and Main
Calendar updated to include WSU events from Office of Diversity
Walmart Grant non-financial sections completed and given to Treasurer
Attending National Day of Silence
Attending WSU ‘Drag Show’

Secretary – NA

Treasurer –
Balance: Avaliable, little change from last month
M: Nolin, s: Gary; Pass

LGBT Health – NA

Library – NA

Fundraising – NA

Kids Connect – NA

Get Connected –
Activity Discussion for gatherings
Motion to change age range for pending Stay Connected group to 17 and then including High School Graduates to age 24
M: Gary, s: Tom; Pass


New Business – Alijzah and Aidan appointed as Center Board Youth Reps

Announcements –
14 Apr: National Day of Silence
22 Apr: Center Movie Night
23 Apr: Community Parade
29 Apr: Rally in Topeka with EQKS
30 Apr: Youth Picnic

Next Meeting – 4 May 16

Adjournment – 18:45