Center Minutes 5 Mar 15

  • Call To Order
    1. Gaveled
      1. 18:00
    2. Attending
      1. Ivy, Nolin, Gary, Cindy, Brent, Sally, Tom
    3. Absent
      1. N/A
  • Approval of Current Agenda
  • Approval of Minutes
    1. M
  • Public Forum
  • Reports
    1. Chair
      1. Nothing to Report
    2. Vice
      1. Advertising fundraiser on Facebook
        • Over 5,300 page views
      2. Email communication
        • Have returned several phone calls and have forwarded the information accordingly
  • Forward Treasurer and Secretary the email address and reminders for The Gayly
  1. Mailing List
  1. Secretary
    1. Nothing to Report
  2. Treasury
    1. Balance report
  3. Fundraiser
    1. 16 Mar 15
    2. Update to poster artwork was re-emailed to be printed and distributed however possible
  4. There has been several organizations expressing interest in renting space from The Center for either one-time events or ongoing meetings
  • Current committees
    1. LGBT Health Coalition
      1. Nolin attends the meetings
      2. Prepping for a “Health Fair” 13 Jun 15
        • Included in this will be outreach to outlying medical providers
  • Sedgwick Co
    • The Health Department’s funding has been cut substantially
  1. Library
    1. Nolin reported on law changed with the state that is still up in the air
    2. It will make how the Library is divided according to laws now passed in KS relating to “harmful” material will mean restricted access area is even more important
  • Ivy will be working on the sorting
    • The bulk of which will be worked during upcoming Spring Break (week of 13 Mar)
  1. Fundraising & Endowment
    1. Fundraisers
      • Vice Chair has contacted restaurant managers about the ‘Dine To Donate’ fundraisers
    2. Get Connected
      1. Elle Boatman with Faces of Trans will be speaking
      2. Will be looking for horror movies for Friday the 13th that aren’t rated “R”
  • Stacy Mann has agreed to be speaker on 3 Apr
  1. Have looked into moves for Apr only briefly
  • Old Business
    1. Friendly Business Listing
  • New Business
    1. EQKS
      1. Will be taking over The Center on the 19 & 20 Jun, 19 in particular will be completely closed to the public
    2. Youth Issues
      1. Haven’t heard from the girl some of the group was having difficulty with
  • As Arises
    1. Sally volunteering
    2. Ash is seemingly attempting to get a trans group running at MCC
  • Adjourn
    1. M – Gary; s – Ivy