Center Minutes – 4 May 16

Call to order 18:00

Gary, Nolin, Angel, Brent, Sally, Tom, Aidan (Youth Rep)

Nick – volunteer
Conor – volunteer
Dawn H. – Wichita Children’s Home: Ultimately looking for a connection between herself and The Center for experienced contacts and information flow

Approval of the Current Agenda

Approval of the Previous Minutes

Public Forum – NA

Chair –
Attended Community Parade

Vice Chair –
National Day of Silence Attended, Table Highly Visited
WSU Drag Show Attended, Table Less Highly Visited
Douglas Avenue Art Days Attended, Not well attended due to weather, Table Very Highly Visited, High social media presence because of Artists At Large and Douglas Ave Art District networks
Website/Social Media:
Website averaging 200 hits a week
Primary hits are main page, Get Connected, Kids Connect
The Kids Connect “Absolutely Emma” in our top 20 page views for the history of the website
Facebook weekly averaging 2000, with average 200 engagements
Most recent hits focused on legal successes such as the MS Adoption Law defeat and the Topeka Rally

Up to date as of May

Sound system donation

Balance Report
Center Operating Balance ~$2,000
Fundraising Account, Upcoming is a Youthgroup Fundraiser
Wichita Pride Fest with Ads, tables, and parade entry
Motion to rent three tables exclusively for The Center
M:Tom, s: Nolin; Passed

Current Committees –
LGBT Health Coalition:
They will be doing the Buffalo Room for PrideFest, with an additional amount that can be used for an ad in the prideguide
The committee itself is being overhauled a bit because of changes from Positive Directions and SG Co Health Department
Rep from the Dept. of Aging came and spoke to their meeting
Directory is being expanded to include locations beyond Sedgwick County

Library Committee-
New books, 3 to be featured, “Suicide Information for Teens”, “The Power To Prevent Suicide”, and “Journey to Same-Sex Parenthood”

Fundraising & Endowment Committee – NA

Get Connected – NA

WiTCoN –
Motion has been made by Nolin to authorize development of bylaws for WiTCoN and the filing of the EIN forms through Nolin and Tom so as to facilitate the separation of WiTCoN from The Center
M: Nolin, s: Tom; Pass

Kids Connect – Webmanager has been requested to attend The Center Board Meeting: she was contacted and has agreed

Volunteers -NA

Old Business –
Wal-Mart Grant was submitted, no reply as of yet
Movie Night was not well attended based on previous

New Business –
Contact from McConnell LGB Office
Contact from International Rescue Committee for LGBTI resource and/or training
Request from CenterLink for interview

As arises –
Tav will be beginning the ‘Stay Connected’ group to be discussed at a later date
Treasurer attended a Hate Crimes legislation conference held by Interfaith Ministries

Announcements –
Get Connected will have a speaker on suicide coming up (specific day to be determined)

Next meeting –
1 Jun 16

M: Nolin, s: Brent