Center Mins – 6 Sep 17

Call To Order at 6:00 pm
Members Present: Nolin, Gary, Cindy, Brent,
Youth Representatives Present: Aiden
Absent: Tom (excused), Morgan (excused)
Guests: Milo
Approval of Current Agenda
• Agenda moved and seconded; passed
Approval of Minutes :::
• Minutes moved and seconded as amended; passed
Public Forum
no public forum
 Chair (Cindy)
• Discussion regarding Library Plaque
• Discussion about building cleaning
• Discussion regarding the website
• Review of prior issues regarding “Get Connected”
• Discussion regarding emails from The Theater League
• Discussion regarding email from Wichita Chamber
 Vice Chair (Brent)
• Update regarding Social Media statics and discussion about other communications
• Inquiry about obtaining list of “non-LGBTQ friendly” physicians to be passed onto LGBT Health Coalition
 Secretary (Gary)
• no report
 Treasurer (Nolin)
• Balance Report
• Amazon Smile donation received … $42.39
• PayPal Donations down
• Report Moved as presented, and Seconded
Current Committees
 LGBT Health Coalition
• Applying for $25,000 Grant, which would include the addition of a part-time position
• Discussion about Wichita’s “Open Street” event – September 24
• Discussion about “Out Of The Darkness” event – September 16
• Intern from WSU will be working for The Center / Health Coalition. Will also be working on “HQI”
• Working on “Health Quality Index” (HRC)
• Working to obtaining Grant Writing Interns from WSU as well
• Planned Parenthood to offer transgender services started Sept 1
 Library
• Work began on library’s card catalog
 Fund-raising and Endowment
• no discussion
 Kids Connect (Morgan Beisner) Pre-K to 5th Grade
• Things are going well. I have 1 parent I put in touch with Keith Reynolds parent has managed to get the district to agree to have GLSEN come in, train the teachers, interested to see if we can get the district to do this with other middle schools. Had an off site family dinner Sunday, we will plan another in Oct, since there was much interest. Next meeting scheduled for Oct 25.
 Get Connected (12 to 18)
• We have a real need for us to find more volunteers (background checks required).
• Discussion about Kitchen / Dish available
• Discussion about future guest speakers
• Discussion about use of two-way radio.
 Phoenix
• Previous meeting cut short due to weather
• Upcoming meeting September 9th
• Facebook group going well … no issues
 Grants
• no discussion
Old Business
• Discussion regarding (Liberty Press) potential fund raising efforts with “The Center”
New Business
• no new business
As Arises
• no discussion
Announcements / Upcoming Events
• “Out Of The Darkness” event – September 16
• “Sweet Affair” Donna Sweet Fund – September 19
• Wichita’s “Open Street” event – September 24
• “Return to Fantasy” – September 30
• “National Coming Out Day” — October 11
• Pride will be hosting two events in 2018 … One in June and one in September.
Next Meeting
• Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 6 PM
Moved to adjourn … Meeting adjourned at 7:43 pm