Center Mins – 6 Jul 16

  • Call to order
    1. Time
      1. 17:00
    2. Attending
      1. Members
        • Tom W, Nolin, Brent, Sally, Gary, Morgan, Connor
      2. Guests
    3. Absent
  • Public Forum
    1. SBA has contacted the Treasurer
  • Reports
    1. Chair
    2. Vice Chair
      1. Communication/Events
        • Upcoming Pulse Memorial
          • Being pushed on FB
          • Posted and linked to website calendar
          • $10 paid to ‘boost’ as FB now won’t share events except with friends unless some monies are involved
          • Will be circumventing this by posting normal fluff with event link embedded
          • Table
            • No table
            • short flier with various org info presented
          • Drag Show
            • Listed on Calendar
            • Will be pushing after the Pulse Memorial has been pushed
            • Same popularization as Pulse Mem event on FB
          • National Coming Out Day (Oct 11)
            • VP will be using Pulse Memorial to contact and drum up interest from other orgs for NCOD
            • Will contact Parks Dept this week for available site rentals and fees
  1. Website/Social Media
    • Kids connect article updates delayed due to unrelated issues
    • Traffic to website diminished after June as Calendar has not been updated
      • VP neglected to update before trip to New Orleans, that has been corrected
      • Dropped from around 230 / week to 140 / week
    • Traffic to FB up significantly
      • Posting reach now averaging 800, currently at 1800
      • Post engagement averaging 200
      • Traffic doubled week of Pulse Shooting
    • Phone system
      • Invitation from Pine Valley Church for July 30 Panel Discussion on being an LGBT Ally
  1. Calendar
    • Updating for July
    • Will update Aug with basics (standard events that recur)
  2. Secretary
    1. N/A
  3. Treasurer
    1. Balance
      • Full Report Avaliable
      • ~$1800 Gen Acc
      • ~$290 WiTCoN
      • Bears, GLSEN, and Two-Spirits outstanding
      • Equality KS to-date
      • Amazon Smile and Dillon’s Plus reported quarterly
    2. Current Committees
      1. LGBT Health Coalition
        • Didn’t meet due to absences
        • Primary push is to collect individual contributions for Pridefest rental
      2. Library Committee
        • Library is predominantly indexed
        • Raw advertising will be the next issue
          • Sections considered weak will be a focus
          • Website will be mounted with a ‘wish list’
        • Fundraising & Endowment Committee
          • Drag Fundraiser
            • Date moved due to participants’ parents’ concerns for safety following Orlando
            • Will be at the end of July
            • There will need to be consideration of enlarging the space, in particular a building campaign
            • Give-Out Day is scheduled for the 2nd of Aug
              • We are still working with them to have a Center Link on their page
              • Nolin will be contacting them this week
  1. Get Connected
    • Meet-&-Greet at Park for June
      • Family friends showed up
    • Keith Reynolds from USD 259 has been contacted
    • Social Media work has predominantly been ‘if you have questions contact us’
      • Will be focusing on fundraising and popularization through non-committal presences such as a bake sale at a Farmer’s Market, etc.
    • Spambots to twitter have diminished significantly
  2. Get Connected
    • Nolin will be out of town for the next two months on those days
    • Speakers
      • Ash, 15th Jul
      • Jackie, 29th Jul
      • Rebecca, 5th Aug
  1. WiTCoN
    • There were some interviews with television stations
      • There was an issue with misrepresentation related to this
      • Story related to obtaining birth certificates was the focus of a most recent story and there seemed to be details that were difficult to confirm
    • Motion to reconsider the motion of May 2016 originally constructing WiTCoN as an entity separate from The Center with Bylaws and 501(c)(3)
      • This reconsideration requires support from a member who voted on the original motion
      • The original motion is reconsidered
      • M:Gary, s: Tom; Fail
    • Grants
      • Bennett Fund unavailable as it’s only in Southern California which was not previously indicated
      • Lowe’s will be approached later this month
      • Pallet fund and Argus Foundation pre-apps are submitted
      • LGBT HC grant app has been submitted by them
    • Old Business
      1. WalMart grant likely was refused
    • New Business
      1. We Stand Together Fundraiser
        1. Setup @ 1p, event at 4p
        2. Silent auction
  • Half of the fees go to a fundraiser for Orlando, the other half goes to a local family which is related to a victim
  • Kid Friendly!
  • As arises
    1. The Center office has been taken by a consulting group
  • Announcements
    1. Next meeting
      1. 3 Aug 2016