Center Mins – 4 Jan 17 (Annual Meeting)

Call To Order at 6:00
Members Present: Nolin, Cindy, Gary, Tom, Brent, Ivy, Tom
Youth Representatives Present: Aiden
Absent: Morgan (excused)
Guests: none
Approval of Current Agenda
Motion to accept agenda ::: moved and accepted
Approval of Minutes :::
 Correction: under Get Connected, “Emergency contact list availability in the “event” of an emergency…”
 Correction: under New Business, “…Rev. Jackie Carter has offered ‘meet’ for the Get Connected group…”
 moved and seconded as amended, passed
Annual Meeting
 Election of Board Members
 moved to be retained as board members :::
 Cindy
 Brent
 Gary
 Ivy
 Morgan
 Tom
 Nolin
 moved by Nolin, seconded by Cindy
 Election of Officers to retain current officers :::
 Cindy … Chair
 Nolin … Vice President
 Nolin … Treasure
 Gary … Secretary
 moved by Nolin, seconded by Cindy
Public Forum
no public forum
 Chair (Cindy)
officer liaison meeting planned
 Vice Chair (Brent) ::: Report pending
 Secretary (Gary)
no report
 Treasure (Nolin)
2016 P/L Report Presented
Balance Report Presented
Report Moved and Seconded
Current Committees
• LGBT Health Coalition
◦ no report
• Library
◦ Received resignation from The Center Board of Directors. Discussion and Motion to allocate $75 for a plaque to be
presented to Sally for her service … moved by Tom, seconded by Ivy.
◦ Motion to rename the library at The Center to, “The Sally Morse Library” … moved by Tom, seconded Ivy.
• Fund-raising and Endowment
◦ Brent researching grant possibilities specific to LGBT organizations
• Kids Connect (Morgan Beisner) Pre-K to 5th Grade
◦ no report
• Get Connected (12 to 18)
◦ Discussion about the Get Connected fund-raising drag show … date to be established in conjunction with spring break,
needs to be discussed with Brad at Boomerangs
◦ chore list successful, suggested that they could distribute responsibilities over more of the kids
◦ discussion about hosting Get Connected at Boomerangs again
◦ discussion about cooking / kitchen use at The Center during Get Connected
• Stay Connected (17 to 24)
◦ no report
• Grants
discussion about connecting with WSU for advancing grant efforts
Old Business
work will continue policies regarding youth programs
New Business
• Parking available across the street from The Center after 6pm and unrestricted on weekends
• Police Parade planned for April … discussion of Center participation
• Transgender Community Support – discussion / motion to use trans-group resources to organize a new transgender
community organization … moved by Tom, seconded by Ivy … passed
non-discrimination and anti-sodomy laws are already being drafted
Next Meeting
Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at 6pm
Moved to adjourn … Meeting adjourned at 7:36pm