Center Mins – 3 Aug 16

  • Call to order
    1. Time
    2. Attending
      1. Members
        • Nolin, Elle, Brent, Gary, Sally, Angel, Tom, Aiden
      2. Guests
    3. Absent
      1. Conner (Grant Writer)
  • Approval of the Current Agenda
  • Approval of the Previous Minutes
  • Public Forum
  • Reports
    1. Chair
      1. N/A
    2. Vice Chair
      1. Website updates
        • Calendar to Dec
          • There have been some changes already made
          • Still no updates or contact from PrimeTimers
          • GLSEN has requested username and password
        • Paypal Link
          • Reset
          • Verified
          • Formatting is an issue because of its coding, but it’s there and it works
        • Amazon Smile
          • Instructions on website
          • Link on website
        • Blogs
          • Kids Connect Updated
            • Managed to get 1/3 of our highest numbers for the year in one day
            • Link held its own on FB
            • Did an interview for Liberty Press, it went well
          • Will be updating for Get Connected
        • Other local orgs
          • GLSEN and Lib Press have linked repeatedly to our stories
          • See ‘New Business’
  1. Facebook stats
    • Fundraising links (website & GiveOut Day) on FB, traffic did spike briefly
    • Did a breakdown for demographics
      • Men are policy wonks; Women like androgyny and kids
      • Main audience is 25-35 y/o
      • All other groups (18-25, 55+) spike on weekends
        • 18-25 school & diversity
        • 55+ Direct legal change & government
      • Already adjusted posting schedule to accommodate this information
      • Library posts are being set for weekend
    • First direct hate-speech post
      • Reported to FB
      • FB indicated it did not violate standards
      • Screencaps taken of all relevant information
    • Fundraising posts
      • Four total
        • One for standard website payment page
        • Three for “National GiveOut Day”
  1. Walmart Grant finally notified
    • Declined
  2. National Coming Out Day
    • Scheduled for A. Price-Woodard Park
    • Paid
    • Contacted several orgs
      • Theresa at the HIV/AIDS Services
      • Liz with GLSEN
      • Morgan with Kids Connect
      • Brent with Two-Spirit
      • Elle with WiTCoN
      • Jackie with MCC
      • Tom with EQKS
  1. Secretary
    1. Some of the news channels have allotted space for discussing issues of local interest
  2. Treasurer
    1. Balance
      • ~$388
    2. KDP sent a rent check so it should arrive soon
      • ~$3000 coming
    3. Current Committees
      1. LGBT Health Coalition
        • Grant application was denied
        • Will be applying to Heath Equality Partnership grant
        • Will be attempting a new health survey which hasn’t been done in several years
        • Will be doing a provider survey for specifically public LGBT support
        • Also looking for physicians and orgs that focus on elder care
      2. Library Committee
        • A thanks out for those who responded to the request for toys for the Kids Connect
        • Reminder on
        • Information for posting about P-FLAG to Facebook as well as some info HRC
  • Fund Raising & Endowments
    • Drag show
      • ~$300
    • National GiveOut Day
  1. Kids Connect
    • Talked about doing a fundraiser in Derby as bakesale at a fair, turns out the fair had already given out their food rights
    • There will be a back-to-school fieldtrip
  2. Get Connected
    • Drag fundraiser
      • Three kids performed
    • School year upcoming
      • Perhaps have a speaker about bullying, Keith Reynolds suggested
      • Numbers may be diminishing because of school commitments
    • Misprint in Liberty Press for age range, it’s 13 to, not 12 to
  3. WiTCoN
    • Table of Hope received some financial assistance and they now have printed materials for the org
    • KS Legal Aid has invited members for creating trans-inclusive language
      • Based on a WASAC discussion they gave about a month ago
    • Pine Valley Christian held a workshop on minority consideration
  • Grants
    • absent
  • Old Business
    1. NCOD paid at A Price-Woodard
    2. P-FLAG national was told Wichita was defunct, they have been notified this was incorrect
  • New Business
    1. Facebook Threat is credible
      1. Information and screen caps were made for all related research
  • As arises
  • Announcements
    1. NCOD
    2. Next meeting
      1. 7 Sep 2016