Center Mins – 16 Nov 16

Call To Order at 6:01
Members Present: Nolin, Cindy, Gary, Brent, Ivy
Youth Representatives Present: Alizah
Absent: Sally, Tom
Guests: Brenda, Elle, Morgan
Approval of Current Agenda
Motion to accept agenda ::: moved and accepted
Approval of Minutes ::: Correction: Ivy was present – moved as amended and seconded, passed
Public Forum
no public forum
 Chair (Cindy)
no report
 Vice Chair (Brent)
i) Communication/Events
ii) Website/Social Media
(1) Website avg 166/week for Oct
(a) Small peak following Kids Connect blog update
(b) Huge spike after LP came out with article on U-Haul
(c) Spike continued for week of election
(d) Top 5 pages from site remain
(i) Home
(ii) Contact
(iii) Get Connected info
(iv) Meeting Space info
(v) Owned and Allied business listing
(e) Kids Connect still in top 10 for year even with few entries
(f) Links-to are through Google, Facebook, and It Gets Better website
(2) Facebook visits ~6000
(a) Brief spike following specific individuals calling attention to after-PrideFest
(b) Massive artificial spike due to NCOD paid ad receiving 2000 hits
(i) Including ad, average was 1700 visits per week
(ii) Adjusting for ad average was 500 visits per week
(iii) Engagement holding at 10%
(c) Biggest hits coordinated with direct engagement
(i) Trans doctor
(ii) KAKE Anti-Bullying participation
(iii) Election
1. Oregon electing Bisexual woman
2. Georgia electing Korean-American gay man
(iv) Pumpkin carving at The Center
(d) Oddest ‘like’ increase coordinated with posts
(i) PrideFlag in Space
(ii) Chest-Binding Study Published
(iii) Pics of lesbian couples at world tourism sites
(e) Demographics
(i) Fans still split pretty evenly genderwise, slightly favoring women
(ii) Heavily favor 25-34 year olds, skewing older
(iii) ‘reach’ is nearly half as many men, but same age preferences
(iv) ‘shares’ and ‘comment’ overwhelmingly women 18-44 (>50% of total)
(v) Geography entirely KS, favoring Wichita then KC
iii) Phone system
(1) Several voicemails following LP story on U-Haul incident
(a) Requesting address for donations
(b) Requesting information for volunteering
(2) Few voicemails for legal assistance; forwarded as appropriate
(3) Request for information about WiTCoN clothing donations after “Growing Up Coy”
v) Calendar
(1) NCOD
(a) Popular online and primarily attended by orgs
(b) Several audience speakers about being parents
(2) Growing Up Coy screening
(a) Attendance was 30-40 for both days
(b) Spoke on behalf of The Center Board and Equality KS
(c) Met and established good communication with PR and Director
(3) Get Connected Nov and Dec focusing on list created by participants
(a) Questions to Brent and Morgan about their tattoos and body mods
(b) Questions to Brent and Ivy about college classes
(c) Request for Liz to visit and discuss GLSEN
 Secretary (Gary)
no report
 Treasure (Nolin)
Balance Report — Full Report Available
1,535 yet to be deposited
Report Moved and Seconded
Current Committees
• LGBT Health Coalition
◦ Did not receive Kansas Health Equality Partnership Grant
◦ Will be pursuing new $25,000 grant
• Library
◦ no report
• Fund-raising and Endowment
◦ no report
• Kids Connect (Morgan Beisner) Pre-K to 5th Grade)
◦ 400 views on Facebook following film screening at Film Festival
◦ New Family experiencing bullying so bad, parents are pulling child out of school
◦ Andover E-Academy presents as extremely LGBTQ friendly
◦ New private Facebook Group for parents launched
◦ Wednesday, November 23 … pre-holiday pizza night at 6pm
◦ Wednesday, December 14 – holiday crafts
◦ Wednesday, December 21 –
• Get Connected (12 to 18)
◦ GLSEN / GSA sent request regarding a pro-holiday, pre-celebration kindness week gathering – they said they will provide
pizza – January 6, 2017
◦ inquiries as to if anyone would be attending the Friday following Thanksgiving.
◦ Kids surveyed about special events they would like to do again … meeting at Boomerangs, Movie Nights, Drag Show,
and guest speakers.
◦ Proposed December 23 or 30 for meeting at Boomerangs and doing a drag show. To be discussed with
◦ Need to have conversations to address concerns following the recent election
• Stay Connected (17 to 24)
◦ no report
• Grants
no report
Old Business
Building / Event Security ::: new system is all installed.
Sam’s Club Membership ::: discussed
East High Newspaper ::: ad for The Center to expected to appear in Decembers issue
New Business
Food Receipts ::: food receipts for Get Connected submitted to the treasurer
WITCON ::: Motion to release WITCON from The Center; and The Center to pay for WITCON Articles of Incorporation; and
assist with the preparation of WITCON bylaws. To be completed by December 1, 2016 – Moved by Nolin, Seconded by Ivy –
motion passed
Policy Review: Guidelines for Get Connected ::: Rules reviewed
Discussion regarding the addition of Morgan Beisner to The Center Board of Directors as an At-Large Member ::: moved by
Gary, Nolin – motion passed
As arises:

no announcements
Next Meeting
Wednesday, December 7, 2016 at 6pm
Moved to adjourn … Meeting adjourned at 7:28