Center Mins – 1 Jun 16

  • Call to order
    1. Time
      1. 17:00
    2. Attending
      1. Members
      2. Guests
    3. Absent
  • Approval of the Current Agenda
  • Approval of the Previous Minutes
  • Public Forum
  • Reports
    1. Chair
    2. Vice Chair
      1. Communication/Events
        • McConnell AFB upcoming on 10th Jun
          • Conversation was brief but enthusiastic
          • See entries throughout remainder of VP report
  1. Website/Social Media
    • Website
      • Monthly ‘new’ visits are around 900
      • Most popular in last 30 days
        • Home Page
        • Get Connected
        • Board of Directors
        • Meeting Space rental summary page
        • Kids Connect
      • Most common searches last 30
        • “LGBT Clubs Wichita”
        • “Gay Community Wichita”
        • “Gay Teen Wichita”
      • Top Posts
        • Get Connected
        • Board of Directors
        • Connected Organizations
        • Contact Us
        • Kids Connect
      • Facebook
        • Post reach around 1100 and holding steady
          • Last few most populars are playful or personal, observers seem fatigued with politics
          • First Rally notice got around 500, reminder got less than 100
          • Overall average reach 200 for each post with an engagement of 90 a week (meaning 50% are actually following through the post to the article, commenting, reposting to their own page, or ‘liking’)
          • Finally getting standard click-throughs to website from FB
        • Contact from FB regarding some emotional issues of an attendee
          • Unclear if this is someone currently attending or a friend of
          • Will continue to communicate to get detail and share info
        • National Give Out Day will be re-posted to website and FB with new date
        • Out of town from 7th to 21st, will make sure FB is preset and will check in when possible from New Orleans
      • Phone system
        • McConnell AFB GLBT Group
          • Starting out, wants assist
          • Had contact but didn’t hear back from us
          • Event on June 10th at 6pm on base (pool pavilion)
            • Donated food
            • Speakers
            • BBQ Mixer
            • Movie “A Marine Story”
            • Will require Military ID
          • Wichita Children’s Home rep
            • Called for update
            • Told her I’d call her back
  1. Calendar
    • Keeping up
    • Not getting a lot of groups logging in with their own info so I’m having to post it myself
    • Sharing WiTCoN when I get it
    • Will be including the McConnell AFB event
  2. Secretary
  3. Treasurer
    1. Cultural Awareness, Readiness, and Empowerment (C.A.R.E.) Grant app in
      • Being written by Health Coalition grant writer
    2. Current Committees
      1. LGBT Health Coalition
        • Difficulty with funding because of current State Budget concerns
        • They may end up having trouble with the Buffalo Room rental at PrideFest
          • Also some ongoing issues with Positive Dir
            • They have pared down their operations to the point that they are almost entirely education and outreach
  1. Library Committee
    • New books
  • Fundraising & Endowment Committee
  1. Get Connected
    • Drag Show on 26 June
      • Will require image release forms for photo ads
    • Family Picnic Day
      • 18th June
    • Three movie nights in June
      • “Stonewall”
      • “The Outlist”
      • “My Name is Troy”
  1. WiTCoN
    • See Old Business
  2. Kids Connect
    • June 18th Meet and Greet at Osage Park
    • Updating flyer
    • Passing out business cards
    • Have a friend who wants to do fundraiser at WSU related to “Noise Music” in July
  3. Volunteers
  • Old Business
    1. WiTCoN
      1. Some sort of bathroom sit-in was staged that was bordering on illegal (by current laws) which created trouble for connected orgs such as The Center and EQKS
        • They have anticipated this by already scheduling ‘Board Meetings’ on their event’s calendar for The Center even though they don’t technically have a ‘board’ as yet (since they have no bylaws)
      2. No news on the WalMart grant
  • New Business
    1. verified as connected to The Center on CenterLink’s email distribution list
      1. currently working on the following grants
        • Lowe’s Charitable Education Foundation
        • David Bohnett Foundation
        • Palette Fund
        • Arcus Foundation
        • Roslyn S. Jaffe Award (?)
  • As arises
    1. Brent will be out of town 7th to 21st June
    2. Ivy will not be available Jul 1st
    3. Nolin will be out of town 15th July
    4. Nolin will not be available during any weekend of Aug
  • Announcements
    1. Fundraiser for Food Pantry of MCC at Roxy’s (relatives of Sally)
    2. Next meeting
      1. 6 Jul 16