Center Mins – 1 Feb 17

Call To Order at 6:11pm
Members Present: Nolin, Cindy, Gary, Brent, Ivy, Morgan
Youth Representatives Present: None
Absent: Tom (excused),
Guests: none
Approval of Current Agenda
Motion to accept agenda ::: moved and accepted
Approval of Minutes :::
• no changes
• moved and seconded as amended, passed
Public Forum
no public forum
 Chair (Cindy)
Discussion about youth pride event and participation in pride turn about show
Liz (GLSEN) is testing as a communication tool for their board with expansion to their youth
NATGEO Movie, “Gender Revolution” pre-screening scheduled for February 10, 2017.
 Vice Chair (Brent) ::: Report Pending
 Secretary (Gary)
no report
 Treasure (Nolin)
Report Presented, Moved, and Seconded
Current Committees
 LGBT Health Coalition
• Review of key areas to focus on for 2017
• Will be seeking out more providers for the directory and to get more hand out information to those listed providers
 Library
• work to be done to get plaque to be presented to Sally for her service.
• Organization of books continues
 Fund-raising and Endowment
• WOOLF is going to undergo fund-raising efforts to raise money for The Center
 Kids Connect (Morgan Beisner) Pre-K to 5th Grade
• planning to meet once a month due to school scheduling. Meeting schedules to be revisited for summer months
 Get Connected (12 to 18)
• Discussion about the Get Connected fund-raising drag show … date to be established in conjunction with spring break,
needs to be discussed with Brad at Boomerangs
• turn-about show is on February 24 if the kids would like to participate
• June 17 … Youth Night with Pride
• April 29 … Positive Direction AIDS Walk
 Stay Connected (17 to 24)
• no report
 Grants
discussion continues about connecting with WSU for advancing grant efforts
Old Business
no old business
New Business
• Looking into membership at COSCO
As Arises
• nothing
• no announcements
Next Meeting
• Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Moved to adjourn … Meeting adjourned at 7:31pm