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Center Mins – 16 Nov 16

Call To Order at 6:01
Members Present: Nolin, Cindy, Gary, Brent, Ivy
Youth Representatives Present: Alizah
Absent: Sally, Tom
Guests: Brenda, Elle, Morgan
Approval of Current Agenda
Motion to accept agenda ::: moved and accepted
Approval of Minutes ::: Correction: Ivy was present – moved as amended and seconded, passed
Public Forum
no public forum
 Chair (Cindy)
no report
 Vice Chair (Brent)
i) Communication/Events
ii) Website/Social Media
(1) Website avg 166/week for Oct
(a) Small peak following Kids Connect blog update
(b) Huge spike after LP came out with article on U-Haul
(c) Spike continued for week of election
(d) Top 5 pages from site remain
(i) Home
(ii) Contact
(iii) Get Connected info
(iv) Meeting Space info
(v) Owned and Allied business listing
(e) Kids Connect still in top 10 for year even with few entries
(f) Links-to are through Google, Facebook, and It Gets Better website
(2) Facebook visits ~6000
(a) Brief spike following specific individuals calling attention to after-PrideFest
(b) Massive artificial spike due to NCOD paid ad receiving 2000 hits
(i) Including ad, average was 1700 visits per week
(ii) Adjusting for ad average was 500 visits per week
(iii) Engagement holding at 10%
(c) Biggest hits coordinated with direct engagement
(i) Trans doctor
(ii) KAKE Anti-Bullying participation
(iii) Election
1. Oregon electing Bisexual woman
2. Georgia electing Korean-American gay man
(iv) Pumpkin carving at The Center
(d) Oddest ‘like’ increase coordinated with posts
(i) PrideFlag in Space
(ii) Chest-Binding Study Published
(iii) Pics of lesbian couples at world tourism sites
(e) Demographics
(i) Fans still split pretty evenly genderwise, slightly favoring women
(ii) Heavily favor 25-34 year olds, skewing older
(iii) ‘reach’ is nearly half as many men, but same age preferences
(iv) ‘shares’ and ‘comment’ overwhelmingly women 18-44 (>50% of total)
(v) Geography entirely KS, favoring Wichita then KC
iii) Phone system
(1) Several voicemails following LP story on U-Haul incident
(a) Requesting address for donations
(b) Requesting information for volunteering
(2) Few voicemails for legal assistance; forwarded as appropriate
(3) Request for information about WiTCoN clothing donations after “Growing Up Coy”
v) Calendar
(1) NCOD
(a) Popular online and primarily attended by orgs
(b) Several audience speakers about being parents
(2) Growing Up Coy screening
(a) Attendance was 30-40 for both days
(b) Spoke on behalf of The Center Board and Equality KS
(c) Met and established good communication with PR and Director
(3) Get Connected Nov and Dec focusing on list created by participants
(a) Questions to Brent and Morgan about their tattoos and body mods
(b) Questions to Brent and Ivy about college classes
(c) Request for Liz to visit and discuss GLSEN
 Secretary (Gary)
no report
 Treasure (Nolin)
Balance Report — Full Report Available
1,535 yet to be deposited
Report Moved and Seconded
Current Committees
• LGBT Health Coalition
◦ Did not receive Kansas Health Equality Partnership Grant
◦ Will be pursuing new $25,000 grant
• Library
◦ no report
• Fund-raising and Endowment
◦ no report
• Kids Connect (Morgan Beisner) Pre-K to 5th Grade)
◦ 400 views on Facebook following film screening at Film Festival
◦ New Family experiencing bullying so bad, parents are pulling child out of school
◦ Andover E-Academy presents as extremely LGBTQ friendly
◦ New private Facebook Group for parents launched
◦ Wednesday, November 23 … pre-holiday pizza night at 6pm
◦ Wednesday, December 14 – holiday crafts
◦ Wednesday, December 21 –
• Get Connected (12 to 18)
◦ GLSEN / GSA sent request regarding a pro-holiday, pre-celebration kindness week gathering – they said they will provide
pizza – January 6, 2017
◦ inquiries as to if anyone would be attending the Friday following Thanksgiving.
◦ Kids surveyed about special events they would like to do again … meeting at Boomerangs, Movie Nights, Drag Show,
and guest speakers.
◦ Proposed December 23 or 30 for meeting at Boomerangs and doing a drag show. To be discussed with
◦ Need to have conversations to address concerns following the recent election
• Stay Connected (17 to 24)
◦ no report
• Grants
no report
Old Business
Building / Event Security ::: new system is all installed.
Sam’s Club Membership ::: discussed
East High Newspaper ::: ad for The Center to expected to appear in Decembers issue
New Business
Food Receipts ::: food receipts for Get Connected submitted to the treasurer
WITCON ::: Motion to release WITCON from The Center; and The Center to pay for WITCON Articles of Incorporation; and
assist with the preparation of WITCON bylaws. To be completed by December 1, 2016 – Moved by Nolin, Seconded by Ivy –
motion passed
Policy Review: Guidelines for Get Connected ::: Rules reviewed
Discussion regarding the addition of Morgan Beisner to The Center Board of Directors as an At-Large Member ::: moved by
Gary, Nolin – motion passed
As arises:

no announcements
Next Meeting
Wednesday, December 7, 2016 at 6pm
Moved to adjourn … Meeting adjourned at 7:28

Center Mins – 5 Oct 16

  • Call to order
    1. Time
    2. Attending
      1. Members
      2. Guests
    3. Absent
  • Approval of the Current Agenda
  • Approval of the Previous Minutes
  • Public Forum
  • Reports
    1. Chair
    2. Vice Chair
      1. Communication/Events
        • Emails sent to orgs for National Coming Out Day
        • Some replies received and requests for additional info from orgs not emailed
      2. Website/Social Media
        • Web Visits avg 155/week for Sep
          • Visits per week and per day leveling off
          • Top 5 pages from site remain
            • Home
            • Contact
            • Get Connected info
            • Meeting Space info
            • Owned and Allied business listing
          • Links-to are through Google, FB, WSU, and K-STEP
        • Facebook very few spikes, averaging 375 hits per week
          • Spike near end of month due to very odd events following PrideFest
          • Charged $20 for ad of National Coming Out Day to corp account
          • Demographics
            • Fans still split pretty evenly genderwise, slightly favoring women
            • Favor 25-34 year olds, skewing older
            • ‘reach’ is nearly half as many men, but same age preferences
            • ‘shares’ and ‘comments’ predominantly women 24-44
            • Geography entirely KS, favoring Wichita then KC
          • Phone system
            • Questions for volunteering
            • Questions for who to speak with for PFLAG
            • Questions for NCOD
  1. Calendar
    • NCOD coming up
    • Calendar has been updated significantly
      • P-FLAG schedule change
      • GLSEN schedule change
      • Consulting Group has blocked some days in Nov for election
  1. Secretary
  2. Treasurer
  3. Current Committees
    1. LGBT Health Coalition
    2. Library Committee
      • New books
  • Fund Raising & Endowments
  1. Kids Connect
  2. Get Connected
  3. Stay Connected
  • WiTCoN
  • Grants
  • Old Business
  • New Business
  • As arises
  • Announcements
    1. Next meeting
  • Adjournment

Center Mins – 7 Sep 16

  • Call to order
    1. Time
      1. 18:05
    2. Attending
      1. Members
        • Angel, Nolin, Gary, Sally, Brent, Ivy, Aiden, Elijah
      2. Guests
    3. Absent
      1. Excused
        • Tom
  • Approval of the Current Agenda
    1. M: Nolin, s: Sally; Pass
  • Approval of the Previous Minutes
    1. M: Sally, s: Nolin; Pass
  • Public Forum
    1. None
  • Reports
    1. Chair
      1. N/A
    2. Vice Chair
      1. Communication/Events
        • Started sending out emails for NCOD
          • Already sent to Pam at Hunter Health
          • Will be sending the rest this week
        • Still posting as events for Kids Connect and GLSEN so FB uses a different metric to track their response rate
      2. Website/Social Media
        • Overall hits on FB down, but demographic spread is more even, system outlined last month is working
        • Website is now getting a sine wave of hits over week with periodic spikes
        • Have been copying all posts that break reach of 150 to the Get Connected page and the Tumblr page
        • Even without a specific page outlining P-FLAG information on the website, the calendar has shown P-FLAG meeting times and that is already the third most common hit on the website for the last month
  • Calendar
    • Received this semester’s events from Office of Diversity and Inclusion who governs ‘Spectrum LGBTQIA’ at WSU so will be adding their events
  1. Secretary
    1. N/A
  2. Treasurer
    1. Balance
      • ~$1159.00
    2. Primary Org Balances
      • Bears and First Geek Caught Up
      • EQKS getting there
      • Two-Spirits paid up significantly
      • GLSEN having weird balance issues from National Office
  • Donations
    • Paypal now has some repeated donations set
    • Amazon Smile moneys have come in
    • Dillon’s moneys have come in
  1. Current Committees
    1. LGBT Health Coalition
      • Expanding provider directory to include western KS
      • Applying for Grant through KHE and pairing with another org likely GLSEN and LGBT Friendly Black orgs
        • Divided into thirds: start-up, establishment, then maintenance
        • Being issued based on existing organizations and existing missions so project start-up is not a consideration
  1. Library Committee
    • New books
      • Wonder and Sneeches have been added to the collection
      • Five new books added total
      • Christy Parker from Liberty Press has been sending all books that are reviewed from LP
    • Fund Raising & Endowments
      • N/A
  1. Kids Connect
    • No new progress on fundraising efforts as everyone has been busy with back to school
    • No major issues have arisen so far in schools, no complaints and actually more support than expected in some cases
    • Facebook traffic has been about average, between 75-150 per post
    • Field trip day was a hit
  2. Get Connected
    • Suggest running an ad in the school papers in the local schools
  3. WiTCoN
    • Some receipts have been coming in
    • sporadic deposits
  • Grants
    • Connor wishes to step down
    • His Home Depot grant is still pending so that will require
    • There’s also a Lowe’s grant for infrastructure that he had been contemplating
  • Old Business
    1. Liaison officer contacted Nolin regarding FB threat last month
      1. Safety has been emphasized and doors are being locked during group hours
  • New Business
    1. CCAT Org Assessment
    2. The Center’s Get Connected group was awarded the Paula Keiser “For The Kids” Award by K-STEP and a Thank You has been signed by the board to reply as we were not able to attend the award banquet on 26 Aug 2016
  • As arises
  • Announcements
    1. National Coming Out Day
      1. A Price Woodard Park
      2. 11 Oct 2016
        • 5p Setup
        • 6p Start
      3. Next meeting 5 Oct 2016

Center Mins – 3 Aug 16

  • Call to order
    1. Time
    2. Attending
      1. Members
        • Nolin, Elle, Brent, Gary, Sally, Angel, Tom, Aiden
      2. Guests
    3. Absent
      1. Conner (Grant Writer)
  • Approval of the Current Agenda
  • Approval of the Previous Minutes
  • Public Forum
  • Reports
    1. Chair
      1. N/A
    2. Vice Chair
      1. Website updates
        • Calendar to Dec
          • There have been some changes already made
          • Still no updates or contact from PrimeTimers
          • GLSEN has requested username and password
        • Paypal Link
          • Reset
          • Verified
          • Formatting is an issue because of its coding, but it’s there and it works
        • Amazon Smile
          • Instructions on website
          • Link on website
        • Blogs
          • Kids Connect Updated
            • Managed to get 1/3 of our highest numbers for the year in one day
            • Link held its own on FB
            • Did an interview for Liberty Press, it went well
          • Will be updating for Get Connected
        • Other local orgs
          • GLSEN and Lib Press have linked repeatedly to our stories
          • See ‘New Business’
  1. Facebook stats
    • Fundraising links (website & GiveOut Day) on FB, traffic did spike briefly
    • Did a breakdown for demographics
      • Men are policy wonks; Women like androgyny and kids
      • Main audience is 25-35 y/o
      • All other groups (18-25, 55+) spike on weekends
        • 18-25 school & diversity
        • 55+ Direct legal change & government
      • Already adjusted posting schedule to accommodate this information
      • Library posts are being set for weekend
    • First direct hate-speech post
      • Reported to FB
      • FB indicated it did not violate standards
      • Screencaps taken of all relevant information
    • Fundraising posts
      • Four total
        • One for standard website payment page
        • Three for “National GiveOut Day”
  1. Walmart Grant finally notified
    • Declined
  2. National Coming Out Day
    • Scheduled for A. Price-Woodard Park
    • Paid
    • Contacted several orgs
      • Theresa at the HIV/AIDS Services
      • Liz with GLSEN
      • Morgan with Kids Connect
      • Brent with Two-Spirit
      • Elle with WiTCoN
      • Jackie with MCC
      • Tom with EQKS
  1. Secretary
    1. Some of the news channels have allotted space for discussing issues of local interest
  2. Treasurer
    1. Balance
      • ~$388
    2. KDP sent a rent check so it should arrive soon
      • ~$3000 coming
    3. Current Committees
      1. LGBT Health Coalition
        • Grant application was denied
        • Will be applying to Heath Equality Partnership grant
        • Will be attempting a new health survey which hasn’t been done in several years
        • Will be doing a provider survey for specifically public LGBT support
        • Also looking for physicians and orgs that focus on elder care
      2. Library Committee
        • A thanks out for those who responded to the request for toys for the Kids Connect
        • Reminder on
        • Information for posting about P-FLAG to Facebook as well as some info HRC
  • Fund Raising & Endowments
    • Drag show
      • ~$300
    • National GiveOut Day
  1. Kids Connect
    • Talked about doing a fundraiser in Derby as bakesale at a fair, turns out the fair had already given out their food rights
    • There will be a back-to-school fieldtrip
  2. Get Connected
    • Drag fundraiser
      • Three kids performed
    • School year upcoming
      • Perhaps have a speaker about bullying, Keith Reynolds suggested
      • Numbers may be diminishing because of school commitments
    • Misprint in Liberty Press for age range, it’s 13 to, not 12 to
  3. WiTCoN
    • Table of Hope received some financial assistance and they now have printed materials for the org
    • KS Legal Aid has invited members for creating trans-inclusive language
      • Based on a WASAC discussion they gave about a month ago
    • Pine Valley Christian held a workshop on minority consideration
  • Grants
    • absent
  • Old Business
    1. NCOD paid at A Price-Woodard
    2. P-FLAG national was told Wichita was defunct, they have been notified this was incorrect
  • New Business
    1. Facebook Threat is credible
      1. Information and screen caps were made for all related research
  • As arises
  • Announcements
    1. NCOD
    2. Next meeting
      1. 7 Sep 2016

Center Mins – 6 Jul 16

  • Call to order
    1. Time
      1. 17:00
    2. Attending
      1. Members
        • Tom W, Nolin, Brent, Sally, Gary, Morgan, Connor
      2. Guests
    3. Absent
  • Public Forum
    1. SBA has contacted the Treasurer
  • Reports
    1. Chair
    2. Vice Chair
      1. Communication/Events
        • Upcoming Pulse Memorial
          • Being pushed on FB
          • Posted and linked to website calendar
          • $10 paid to ‘boost’ as FB now won’t share events except with friends unless some monies are involved
          • Will be circumventing this by posting normal fluff with event link embedded
          • Table
            • No table
            • short flier with various org info presented
          • Drag Show
            • Listed on Calendar
            • Will be pushing after the Pulse Memorial has been pushed
            • Same popularization as Pulse Mem event on FB
          • National Coming Out Day (Oct 11)
            • VP will be using Pulse Memorial to contact and drum up interest from other orgs for NCOD
            • Will contact Parks Dept this week for available site rentals and fees
  1. Website/Social Media
    • Kids connect article updates delayed due to unrelated issues
    • Traffic to website diminished after June as Calendar has not been updated
      • VP neglected to update before trip to New Orleans, that has been corrected
      • Dropped from around 230 / week to 140 / week
    • Traffic to FB up significantly
      • Posting reach now averaging 800, currently at 1800
      • Post engagement averaging 200
      • Traffic doubled week of Pulse Shooting
    • Phone system
      • Invitation from Pine Valley Church for July 30 Panel Discussion on being an LGBT Ally
  1. Calendar
    • Updating for July
    • Will update Aug with basics (standard events that recur)
  2. Secretary
    1. N/A
  3. Treasurer
    1. Balance
      • Full Report Avaliable
      • ~$1800 Gen Acc
      • ~$290 WiTCoN
      • Bears, GLSEN, and Two-Spirits outstanding
      • Equality KS to-date
      • Amazon Smile and Dillon’s Plus reported quarterly
    2. Current Committees
      1. LGBT Health Coalition
        • Didn’t meet due to absences
        • Primary push is to collect individual contributions for Pridefest rental
      2. Library Committee
        • Library is predominantly indexed
        • Raw advertising will be the next issue
          • Sections considered weak will be a focus
          • Website will be mounted with a ‘wish list’
        • Fundraising & Endowment Committee
          • Drag Fundraiser
            • Date moved due to participants’ parents’ concerns for safety following Orlando
            • Will be at the end of July
            • There will need to be consideration of enlarging the space, in particular a building campaign
            • Give-Out Day is scheduled for the 2nd of Aug
              • We are still working with them to have a Center Link on their page
              • Nolin will be contacting them this week
  1. Get Connected
    • Meet-&-Greet at Park for June
      • Family friends showed up
    • Keith Reynolds from USD 259 has been contacted
    • Social Media work has predominantly been ‘if you have questions contact us’
      • Will be focusing on fundraising and popularization through non-committal presences such as a bake sale at a Farmer’s Market, etc.
    • Spambots to twitter have diminished significantly
  2. Get Connected
    • Nolin will be out of town for the next two months on those days
    • Speakers
      • Ash, 15th Jul
      • Jackie, 29th Jul
      • Rebecca, 5th Aug
  1. WiTCoN
    • There were some interviews with television stations
      • There was an issue with misrepresentation related to this
      • Story related to obtaining birth certificates was the focus of a most recent story and there seemed to be details that were difficult to confirm
    • Motion to reconsider the motion of May 2016 originally constructing WiTCoN as an entity separate from The Center with Bylaws and 501(c)(3)
      • This reconsideration requires support from a member who voted on the original motion
      • The original motion is reconsidered
      • M:Gary, s: Tom; Fail
    • Grants
      • Bennett Fund unavailable as it’s only in Southern California which was not previously indicated
      • Lowe’s will be approached later this month
      • Pallet fund and Argus Foundation pre-apps are submitted
      • LGBT HC grant app has been submitted by them
    • Old Business
      1. WalMart grant likely was refused
    • New Business
      1. We Stand Together Fundraiser
        1. Setup @ 1p, event at 4p
        2. Silent auction
  • Half of the fees go to a fundraiser for Orlando, the other half goes to a local family which is related to a victim
  • Kid Friendly!
  • As arises
    1. The Center office has been taken by a consulting group
  • Announcements
    1. Next meeting
      1. 3 Aug 2016

Center Mins – 1 Jun 16

  • Call to order
    1. Time
      1. 17:00
    2. Attending
      1. Members
      2. Guests
    3. Absent
  • Approval of the Current Agenda
  • Approval of the Previous Minutes
  • Public Forum
  • Reports
    1. Chair
    2. Vice Chair
      1. Communication/Events
        • McConnell AFB upcoming on 10th Jun
          • Conversation was brief but enthusiastic
          • See entries throughout remainder of VP report
  1. Website/Social Media
    • Website
      • Monthly ‘new’ visits are around 900
      • Most popular in last 30 days
        • Home Page
        • Get Connected
        • Board of Directors
        • Meeting Space rental summary page
        • Kids Connect
      • Most common searches last 30
        • “LGBT Clubs Wichita”
        • “Gay Community Wichita”
        • “Gay Teen Wichita”
      • Top Posts
        • Get Connected
        • Board of Directors
        • Connected Organizations
        • Contact Us
        • Kids Connect
      • Facebook
        • Post reach around 1100 and holding steady
          • Last few most populars are playful or personal, observers seem fatigued with politics
          • First Rally notice got around 500, reminder got less than 100
          • Overall average reach 200 for each post with an engagement of 90 a week (meaning 50% are actually following through the post to the article, commenting, reposting to their own page, or ‘liking’)
          • Finally getting standard click-throughs to website from FB
        • Contact from FB regarding some emotional issues of an attendee
          • Unclear if this is someone currently attending or a friend of
          • Will continue to communicate to get detail and share info
        • National Give Out Day will be re-posted to website and FB with new date
        • Out of town from 7th to 21st, will make sure FB is preset and will check in when possible from New Orleans
      • Phone system
        • McConnell AFB GLBT Group
          • Starting out, wants assist
          • Had contact but didn’t hear back from us
          • Event on June 10th at 6pm on base (pool pavilion)
            • Donated food
            • Speakers
            • BBQ Mixer
            • Movie “A Marine Story”
            • Will require Military ID
          • Wichita Children’s Home rep
            • Called for update
            • Told her I’d call her back
  1. Calendar
    • Keeping up
    • Not getting a lot of groups logging in with their own info so I’m having to post it myself
    • Sharing WiTCoN when I get it
    • Will be including the McConnell AFB event
  2. Secretary
  3. Treasurer
    1. Cultural Awareness, Readiness, and Empowerment (C.A.R.E.) Grant app in
      • Being written by Health Coalition grant writer
    2. Current Committees
      1. LGBT Health Coalition
        • Difficulty with funding because of current State Budget concerns
        • They may end up having trouble with the Buffalo Room rental at PrideFest
          • Also some ongoing issues with Positive Dir
            • They have pared down their operations to the point that they are almost entirely education and outreach
  1. Library Committee
    • New books
  • Fundraising & Endowment Committee
  1. Get Connected
    • Drag Show on 26 June
      • Will require image release forms for photo ads
    • Family Picnic Day
      • 18th June
    • Three movie nights in June
      • “Stonewall”
      • “The Outlist”
      • “My Name is Troy”
  1. WiTCoN
    • See Old Business
  2. Kids Connect
    • June 18th Meet and Greet at Osage Park
    • Updating flyer
    • Passing out business cards
    • Have a friend who wants to do fundraiser at WSU related to “Noise Music” in July
  3. Volunteers
  • Old Business
    1. WiTCoN
      1. Some sort of bathroom sit-in was staged that was bordering on illegal (by current laws) which created trouble for connected orgs such as The Center and EQKS
        • They have anticipated this by already scheduling ‘Board Meetings’ on their event’s calendar for The Center even though they don’t technically have a ‘board’ as yet (since they have no bylaws)
      2. No news on the WalMart grant
  • New Business
    1. verified as connected to The Center on CenterLink’s email distribution list
      1. currently working on the following grants
        • Lowe’s Charitable Education Foundation
        • David Bohnett Foundation
        • Palette Fund
        • Arcus Foundation
        • Roslyn S. Jaffe Award (?)
  • As arises
    1. Brent will be out of town 7th to 21st June
    2. Ivy will not be available Jul 1st
    3. Nolin will be out of town 15th July
    4. Nolin will not be available during any weekend of Aug
  • Announcements
    1. Fundraiser for Food Pantry of MCC at Roxy’s (relatives of Sally)
    2. Next meeting
      1. 6 Jul 16

Center Minutes – 4 May 16

Call to order 18:00

Gary, Nolin, Angel, Brent, Sally, Tom, Aidan (Youth Rep)

Nick – volunteer
Conor – volunteer
Dawn H. – Wichita Children’s Home: Ultimately looking for a connection between herself and The Center for experienced contacts and information flow

Approval of the Current Agenda

Approval of the Previous Minutes

Public Forum – NA

Chair –
Attended Community Parade

Vice Chair –
National Day of Silence Attended, Table Highly Visited
WSU Drag Show Attended, Table Less Highly Visited
Douglas Avenue Art Days Attended, Not well attended due to weather, Table Very Highly Visited, High social media presence because of Artists At Large and Douglas Ave Art District networks
Website/Social Media:
Website averaging 200 hits a week
Primary hits are main page, Get Connected, Kids Connect
The Kids Connect “Absolutely Emma” in our top 20 page views for the history of the website
Facebook weekly averaging 2000, with average 200 engagements
Most recent hits focused on legal successes such as the MS Adoption Law defeat and the Topeka Rally

Up to date as of May

Sound system donation

Balance Report
Center Operating Balance ~$2,000
Fundraising Account, Upcoming is a Youthgroup Fundraiser
Wichita Pride Fest with Ads, tables, and parade entry
Motion to rent three tables exclusively for The Center
M:Tom, s: Nolin; Passed

Current Committees –
LGBT Health Coalition:
They will be doing the Buffalo Room for PrideFest, with an additional amount that can be used for an ad in the prideguide
The committee itself is being overhauled a bit because of changes from Positive Directions and SG Co Health Department
Rep from the Dept. of Aging came and spoke to their meeting
Directory is being expanded to include locations beyond Sedgwick County

Library Committee-
New books, 3 to be featured, “Suicide Information for Teens”, “The Power To Prevent Suicide”, and “Journey to Same-Sex Parenthood”

Fundraising & Endowment Committee – NA

Get Connected – NA

WiTCoN –
Motion has been made by Nolin to authorize development of bylaws for WiTCoN and the filing of the EIN forms through Nolin and Tom so as to facilitate the separation of WiTCoN from The Center
M: Nolin, s: Tom; Pass

Kids Connect – Webmanager has been requested to attend The Center Board Meeting: she was contacted and has agreed

Volunteers -NA

Old Business –
Wal-Mart Grant was submitted, no reply as of yet
Movie Night was not well attended based on previous

New Business –
Contact from McConnell LGB Office
Contact from International Rescue Committee for LGBTI resource and/or training
Request from CenterLink for interview

As arises –
Tav will be beginning the ‘Stay Connected’ group to be discussed at a later date
Treasurer attended a Hate Crimes legislation conference held by Interfaith Ministries

Announcements –
Get Connected will have a speaker on suicide coming up (specific day to be determined)

Next meeting –
1 Jun 16

M: Nolin, s: Brent

Center Minutes 6 Apr 16

Call to Order – 18:00

Present – Nolin, Cindy, Gary, Tom, Brent

Absent – Ivy excused, Sally excused

Guests – Nick S, Aidan, Tavaris

Approve Current Agenda with youth reps not included as “Board Members”
M:Gary, s:Brent; Pass

Approve Minutes from previous
M: Gary, s: Tom; Pass

Reports –

Chair – NA

Vice –
Facebook 1100 hits/week, 20% engagement
Website: Monthly 550 until March when doubled
Highest pages are Kids Connect and Main
Calendar updated to include WSU events from Office of Diversity
Walmart Grant non-financial sections completed and given to Treasurer
Attending National Day of Silence
Attending WSU ‘Drag Show’

Secretary – NA

Treasurer –
Balance: Avaliable, little change from last month
M: Nolin, s: Gary; Pass

LGBT Health – NA

Library – NA

Fundraising – NA

Kids Connect – NA

Get Connected –
Activity Discussion for gatherings
Motion to change age range for pending Stay Connected group to 17 and then including High School Graduates to age 24
M: Gary, s: Tom; Pass


New Business – Alijzah and Aidan appointed as Center Board Youth Reps

Announcements –
14 Apr: National Day of Silence
22 Apr: Center Movie Night
23 Apr: Community Parade
29 Apr: Rally in Topeka with EQKS
30 Apr: Youth Picnic

Next Meeting – 4 May 16

Adjournment – 18:45

Center Minutes 3 Feb 16

Call To order: 18:00

Present – Cindy, Ivy, Sally, Gary, Brent

Absent – Tom excused, Nolin excused

Approved agenda with the following –
Click and pledge
BLGT fundraiser
Liberty Press

M: Cindy, s: Ivy; Pass

Approval of Minutes – Jan 6 2016

M: Cindy, s: Ivy; Pass


Chair – Deferred to New Business

Vice –

Review of Walmart grant app to be submitted online, focused on Get Connected and Kids Connect
Facebook “likes” 1200; reach 500/week, engagement 35/week

Secretary – NA

Treasurer –
Balance: $1266, details available
LGBT Health Coalition: Nothing to report

Library – SOPs updated

Fundraising – NA

Get Connected –
Proposal to change age level, this was modified to separate groups
PreK to 5th grade
6th grade to HS grad
M: Cindy, s: Sally; Pass

GLSEN wishes to cooperate on Kid’s Bingo / Game & Pizza night, all agreed


New Business –
Vending machine changed focus
Motion to remove Cox Cable TV and keep internet
M: Cindy, s: Ivy; Pass
Laptop computer in Center Office ownership unknown
BLGT Fundraiser payment still pending
Liberty Press will speak to Library regarding new items
PFLAG General Statement The Center will avoid any further involvement or requests for involvement

Announcements –
Feb 28: Bears Meatloaf Cook-Off
March 24: GLSEN Bitchy Bingo at Rain
April 14: National Day of Silence

Center Minutes 6 Jan 16

  • Call to order
    1. Time
      1. 18:02
    2. Attending
      1. Members
        • Sally, Gary, Brent, Angel, Nolin, Tom
      2. Guests
        • Aaron P.
          • Contact info provided to Tom for EQKS
  1. Absent
    1. Ivy
  • Approval of the Current Agenda
    1. With addition of election
      1. M: Nolin, s: Tom; pass
  • Approval of the Previous Minutes
    1. M: Nolin, s: Tom; pass
  • Public Forum
  • Reports
    1. Chair
      1. WalMart Grant proposal form found
        • Brent will be filling out
      2. Vice Chair
        1. Communication
        2. Website/Social Media
          • Calendar update for January
  • Phone system situation
    • pending
  1. Secretary
    1. N/A
  2. Treasurer
    1. Bank Change to Sunflower State
    2. Balance Report
      • Donation Account
        • $200 anonymous donation this week
        • Get Connected drag show fundraiser over $500
      • Accounts receivable still has a pending for James Pryor requesting payment from 4 years ago
        • Motion made to write off the expense and issue a 1099 to James P.
          • M: Tom, s: Nolin; Pass
        • IRS forms submitted
  1. Financial office being rearranged so paperwork somewhat in flux for public available
  2. Article will be written for Liberty Press advocating PayPal renewal giving
  3. Report Moved
    • s: Tom; pass
  4. Current Committees
    1. LGBT Health Coalition
      • Haven’t met for two months due to holidays
    2. Library Committee
      • Library SOPs have been found from when they were last approved several years ago
        • Sally will be rewriting the bulk of the SOPs with final approval and discussion pending for February meeting
      • New books
      • “Gender Neutral Parenting”
        • Write-up was done by Sally to be posted to Facebook
      • Fundraising & Endowment Committee
        • Teamed up with Dillon’s Rewards Program
          • This has been posted to Facebook by Brent
  1. Get Connected
  2. WiTCoN
    • N/A
  • Old Business
    1. Wichita Pride Inc.
      • Board of Directors election complete
        • President, Vice President, Communications, and Entertainment Dir replaced
      • New Business
        1. Guest requesting Trans support group for parents and supporters of under 13 year olds
          1. There is a National Trans Youth Network out of UK who just recently had a conference of 21 orgs and that was only recently
          2. Brent and Sally will do some research about underage Trans youth work as well as orgs related to
        2. Elections
          1. Secretary: Gary
            • M: Tom, s: Angel; Pass
          2. Motion to confirm current Board as 2016 Board with the modification of Gary to Secretary by acclamation.
            • M: Tom, s: Angel; Pass
  • As arises
    1. Motion to excuse Tom W. from The Center meetings for the duration of the Kansas State legislative session.
      1. M: Nolin, s: Gary, Tom Abstains; Pass
    2. Next Meeting 3 Feb 2016
      1. As an addendum to that, both Nolin and Angel will have to require the meetings for March and April also be set to the first Wednesday as their scheduling limitations will dramatically increase for the tax season. Their schedule needs to be as set as possible as early as possible for that reason.
  • Announcements
  • Adjournment
    1. M: Tom, s: Gary; 19:02