Board Of Directors

The Center of Wichita Board of Directors holds open meetings that our community is welcome to attend. Our regular meeting is scheduled for the first Wednesday of the Month at 6p. Please check our event calendar for possible rescheduling of these meetings.

Brent Kennedy, Chair
Brent has been actively involved in the Wichita LGBTQ community since the late 90s. He has served as the Events Director and President of Wichita Pride as well as previously volunteering for Positive Directions. Along with his work at The Center he is also a leader of The Wichita Two-Spirit Society. He assists The Center with the Get Connected youth group, outreach, education, social media, and anti-defamation.

Milo, Vice-Chair
As one of the founders of The Center sponsored group Phoenix Wichita, Milo’s organizational work has focused on emotional and social support for the trans community and allies. He is a welcome addition to The Center.

Nolin Christensen, Treasurer
Mr. Christensen has been involved in the Wichita LGBTQ community since the late 80s. As owner of Christensen Financial Service, a tax preparation firm, he also has strong ties to the Wichita business community. Mr. Christensen has served on several community boards, past positions include President of WOOLF and Treasurer for MCC (now Table of Hope). He is also Member-At-Large for the Kansas Chapter of the National Association of Tax Professionals.

Gary, Secretary
Gary fulfills his official duties with meticulous and efficient record-keeping. However his ready knowledge of current events has proven truly invaluable to the organization.

Sara, Member-At-Large
Sara is currently helping to organize and maintain our library.

Thomas Witt, Member-At-Large
Thomas Witt is the Executive Director of Equality KS, which works to secure equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans Kansans. Beyond his role as Executive Dir, and lobbyist at the Kansas State Capital, he is proud to serve on the boards of the Kansas National Organization for Women and Kansas Statewide Transgender Education Project (K-STEP).

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